Shipwreck Infected Zone
Area Level 27
NPCs Bubbie

The Shipwreck Infected Zone is the Peach Creek Wilds Infected Zone, a Level 27 area, containing several pirate ships wrecked in the green, Fusion Matter-infused waters of the harbor; the docks of Lower Stormalong are inside the infected zone; as is the northern end of Forbidden Island.

Bubbie is trapped (and possibly dead) in the infected zone. Currently her character model can be found here, but it is non-responsive; however, there is a Fusion Bubbie in a lair not far from where the real Bubbie is located. A further lair holds a Fusion Flapjack, and yet another a Fusion GIR.


  • Flapjack moved to Leaky Lake during the Saint Patrick's Day event; it is possible that he mistook the words "Peach Creek Lake" for "Leaky Lake," since he is looking for Bubbie there while she is actually in the Shipwreck Infected Zone.
  • It is possible that Bubbie was originally meant to be a form of transportation from one area of the game to another, possibly from Peach Creek Wilds to Leaky Lake (like Whoosh the Mechanical Whale, which transports players from Orchid Bay to the Monkey Foothills), but her character in the Shipwreck infected zone is non-functioning. This may be altered by the programmers later on.
  • Despite hints that he would appear later, there is still no sign of Captain K'Nuckles in this area. He may still be added later.
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