Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow the Hedgehog
Vital statistics
Alias Ultimate Life Form
Age Unknown
Species Hedgehog
Series Sonic The Hedgehog
Location Central City: G.U.N. Base
Nano Item Chaos Shard
Voiced by Kirk Thornton

Shadow The Hedgehog is a anti-heroic hedgehog who was created by Professor Gerald. He betrayed Dr. Eggman to become friends with Sonic the Hedgehog. After he and Sonic defeated Bio-Hazard, Shadow was found alive by Rouge and had a case of amnesia. His real father is Black Doom.


Shadow must recover his memory and must help stop Fuse from taking over the world. In the Future, he seems to have recovered his memory fully. In the Future, he fell protecting himself from Dark Fuse's new monsters in Flame Core. At one point, Rouge the Bat and E-123 Omega help Shadow recover. Shadow's Fusion is fought in a mission of Blaze the Cat, and his Nano is obtained in the same mission.


Shadow ambushed by Fuse's new monsters in the Future

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