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Graham AkerA.png Nano Mission Setsuna
Level 20
Difficulty Hard
Character Graham Aker
Place Tech Square
Defeat the Fusion Powerpuff Girls and Fusion Ben.
My Notes
I entered the Fusion Powerpuff Girls' and Fusion Ben's Lair, and I defeated them and got the Gundam Exia Nano!
Graham AkerA.png Graham Aker
I've been waiting for you, kid. The Fusion Powerpuff Girls and Fusion Ben wrecked my Mecha, Brave! Can you help me?
Graham AkerA.png Graham Aker
First, you need to defeat a bunch of Mech Queens.
Step 1
Defeat 10 Mech Queens.

Mech Queen -0/10

Graham AkerA.png Graham Aker
Nice job, but I see Lockon Stratos' broken Haro is here. Can you can tell Dexter to fix him?
Step 2
Ask Dexter to Fix Haro.
DexterA.png Dexter
He is completely fixed, but I've got a problem.
HaroA.png Haro
Lockon! Lockon!
DexterA.png Dexter
His partner, Lockon Stratos, is trapped in the Fusion Powerpuff Girls' and Fusion Ben's Lair. You can save him!
Step 3
Enter the Fusion Lair.
Graham AkerA.png Graham Aker
Young man, what are you doing here? Maybe Lockon Stratos?
Setsuna F. SeieiA.png Setsuna F. Seiei
Step 4
Meet Setsuna in this Lair.
Setsuna F. SeieiA.png Setsuna F. Seiei
I came here to save Lockon Stratos.
Graham AkerA.png Graham Aker
Nevermind, kiddo! Let's just defeat the Fusion Powerpuff Girls Already!
Step 5
Defeat the Fusion Powerpuff Girls.

Fusion Blossom -0/1 Fusion Bubbles -0/1 Fusion Buttercup -0/1

Graham AkerA.png Graham Aker
The Fusion Powerpuff Girls are defeated. Now for Fusion Ben!
Setsuna F. SeieiA.png Setsuna F. Seiei
Now that we've defeated Fusion Ben, we can save Lockon Stratos!
Step 6
Save Lockon Stratos.
Lockon StratosA.png Lockon Stratos
Thank you for saving me. Now you can exit this lair!
Graham AkerA.png Graham Aker
Now it's show time for real!
Step 7
Defeat Fusion Ben.

Fusion Ben -0/1

Graham AkerA.png Graham Aker
And that is how it's done!