Vital statistics
Alias Ima Goodlady
Species Human
Series The Powerpuff Girls
Location Dark City
Voiced by Jennifer Hale

Sedusa is a villainess and one of the numerous enemies of the Powerpuff Girls. Though she is able to disguise herself as a demure and sweet-seeming Good Lady, in her natural appearance Sedusa has dead-white skin, blood-red lips, green glassy eyes, and long snaky black hair which she can use to strike and seize her enemies. Sedusa commonly wears a tight-fitting, low-cut leotard, with fishnet stockings, thigh-high boots, and elbow-length gloves, all in vivid red.

Besides the powers of disguise and hair-manipulation, the sexy Sedusa is able to ensnare and use men with her feminine wiles. Professor Utonium, the Mayor, and even the Gangreen Gang have fallen victim to her villainous temptations.


In FusionFall, Sedusa is one of the many, many shady characters who can be found in Dark City.  She twice sends the player to gather materials, supposedly to create Nanos of Mr. Krabs and of the Mayor of Dark City, but these are actually ingredients for love potions, as the slinky siren intends to make each of them her love slave; in each case, Blossom contacts the player and asks for the ingredients to be returned. Finally, Blossom tells Sedusa that if she wants to vamp someone, it ought to be Fuse, so Sedusa sends the player to gather ingredients for that.


  • The name "Sedusa" is a portmanteau of the word "seduce" and of "Medusa," a female monster (or "Gorgon") from Greek mythology who had hair made of serpents and who was able to change living creatures who looked at her into stone.
  • Sedusa's powers lie in her hair; if she is shaved bald, she is powerless.
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