09 transsf4ryu
Vital statistics
Series Street Fighter
Location Street Fighter Dojo
Nano Item Headband
The answer lies in the heart of battle.


Ryu and his partner Ken Masters were walking around one day looking for strong opponents to fight, when a Spawn suddenly appeared, took Ryu's headband, and turned into a Fusion Ryu!

In order to learn more about his Doppelgänger, Ryu sought out Dexter, whom he had heard of as an authority on the green globs; Dexter explained that aliens were taking over. Ryu volunteered to assist in the cause. Dexter agreed, finding Ryu to be an asset to the cause, and hoping to study his fighting moves, especially his Hadouken.

Ryu is is a powerful ally for the hero to team up with, especially when outnumbered.


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