Rudy Tabootie
ChalkZone Rudy Tabootie
Vital statistics
Real name Rudolph Bartholomew Clark Tabootie
Age 15
Species Human
Series ChalkZone
Location Foster's Home
Voiced by E.G. Daily
Maybe he's green because he's a Snap Bean now?

–Rudy Tabootie

Rudy Tabootie is the protagonist of the Nickelodeon series ChalkZone, a boy who finds a magical piece of chalk that allows him access through the chalkboard to a world where every chalk drawing that has ever been erased has come to life. By using his chalk, Rudy can create items necessary to save ChalkZone (and occasionally his own world) from some of its more dangerous denizens, such as the monstrous Bully Nerds and Beanie Boys. In this he is helped by his best friend Snap, a drawing Rudy made when he was eight, and Penny Sanchez, his classmate and best friend from this side of the blackboard.


In FusionFall Fuse seems to have found a way to connect to the dimension of ChalkZone, inasmuch as a Fusion Snap appears to kidnap Penny and trap her in a Fusion Lair hidden in Foster's Home. Rudy naturally follows, but requires the hero's help to rescue Penny.

The Future

In FusionFall, Snap, Rudy, and Penny do not appear in the Future, and must either be assumed to have remained in their own dimension or to have been killed or captured by Fuse.

The Past

In the past, Rudy appears in a Fusion Portal inside Foster's Home in the mission "Stalk Zone." If, after defeating Fusion Cheese, the player returns to the first hallway where the Cheese Puffs were, a chalk drawing of Penny Sanchez can be found behind a potted plant of the usual vine-like type which forms a portal into Fusion Snap's lair. After defeating eight Beanie Boys, the player encounters Rudy, who informs them that "a green Snap" stole his magic chalk and kidnapped Penny. He followed them through the still open portal, and wound up in this dreary cave. Rudy asks the player to help him recover Penny and the Magic Chalk, explaining that without his chalk, he can't get past the monsters that inhabit the cavern.


FusionFall Rudy Tabootie

Rudy Tabootie as he appears in FusionFall

  • Both Rudy and Penny appear to have been "aged up" in a fashion similar to other child-characters in the game, although Fusion Snap still appears in a childlike form.
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