Ruby Rose
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Vital statistics
Real name Ruby Rose
Alias Red (by Roman torchwick)

Kiddo (by Qrow Branwen)

Age 15
Species Human
Designation Mission Giver
Series RWBY
Location Avengers Mansion
Nano Item Crescent Rose
Voiced by Lindsay Jones
Ruby Rose is a former student of Beacon Academy and the main protagonist of RWBY. Ruby's weapon of choice is her High-Caliber Sniper-Scythe known as Crescent Rose.


During the invasion of Fuse, she was located at Offworld Plaza, Her Nano Mission is called "It's also a gun!". and her world mission is "Pyrrha's Legacy".

She later appears in New York City, now staying at Avengers Mansion with Spider-Man and the Avengers, with a new mission "RWBY Reunion" in which she asked the hero for help in finding her teammates.


  • She considers Weiss to be her best friend.
  • While on Earth she has become good friends with Spider-Man, the Teen Titans and Young Justice.


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