Roxie Leeblossom
Roxie leeblossom
Vital statistics
Real name Roxanne Leeblossom
Alias Roxie, Roxs, "Spider-Man"
Age 16
Species Half Human, Half Acracnachimp
Designation NPC
Series Fusion Fall
Location Pokey Oaks South
Nano Item Spiderweb

Roxie Leeblossom, (full name; Roxanne Jade Leeblossom) is a minor NPC in Fusion Fall. She is half-human, half-Arachnichimp, and as such, has four large spiderleg limbs emerging from her back.

Roxie is the granddaughter of the Bagge's, and the childhood neighbor of the Powerpuff Girls.

The Future

Roxie is not present in the Future, and is assumed to be missing in action like other missing NPCs. Her home, on the other hand, is in perfect shape.

The Past

Roxie is located outside of her home in Pokey Oaks South, and gives out a few level 8 missions. Her model is that of a normal player character, like most minor NPCs.

Roxie becomes the center of a series of quests between Mojo Jojo and Boomer later in the game, in which the player character has to help Boomer hide his new relationship with Roxie from Mojo.


  • Roxie has a pet corgi named Gavin, as revealed through idle dialogue.
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