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Robot Jones
Vital statistics
Species Robot
Series Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?
Location Delware, United States, Earth
Nano Item Electron
Voiced by Bobby Block
Robot Electro Jones is the title character of Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?, a Cartoon Cartoon created by Greg Miller. He is a KX-8 robot designed by JNZ Robotics as a sort of social experiment to see if robots can interact with humans, and as such, he does all he can to fit in at school. Typically, Robot would record a "Data Log Entry" at the end of his day at school, reflecting on his experiences. He has three best friends; Timothy "Socks" Morton, Charles "Cubey" Cubinacle and Mitch Freeman Davis. Robot has a crush on Shannon Westerburg, a girl with a large orthodontic appliance and a prosthetic leg. The majority of the time, Shannon seems oblivious to Robot's feelings and sees him merely as an annoyance. Nonetheless, Robot attempts to court her.

According to statements from series creator Greg Miller himself, the show was originally intended to end with Robot going insane from being abused by humans and ending human civilization, though the show was ended before this could be realized.

He stands are around three feet tall and has a mechanical brain that rather resembles an enormous light bulb - Lenny and Denny Yogman, two antagonists from the show, often attempt to steal it. Robot also has two large yellow eyes that can shoot lasers, and it also able to breathe fire and fly.


  • He was originally voiced by the Word '98 text-to-speech "Junior" voice (not MacinTalk Junior, contrary to popular myth), but was later voiced by Bobby Block, whose voice would also be dubbed over the text-to-speech voice in the original episodes. Most fans were annoyed by this decision.

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