Area Level 40
NPCs Goddard
Jimmy Neutron

Retroville is the home of Jimmy Neutron, boy genius. It is a normally quiet community not far from Townsville; players can access it on foot by going eastward from Tech Square, Steam Alley, or Offworld Plaza. Jimmy Neutron's house and lab can be found there, them being the main section of the fairly large location. Jimmy is working on advanced robotics to aid in the resistance to the Fusion Invasion, though it is believed that some early prototypes have been taken over by Fuse. Several of Jimmy Neutron's friends and other characters can be found throughout Retroville. Rook Blonko and Velma Dinkly are at Jimmy's house assisting him.

Super Nano Project

While Velma, Rook, and Jimmy Neutron are working, the player has to help them acquire components for a robotically enhanced type of Nanos, the Super Nanos. Players have to go to several heroes and retrieve items to create the Super Nanos; they sometimes have to travel as far as the Galactus Universe.



Poultran Pullets

Algae Men

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