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Not everybody likes to play the big villain, kid. I'm a thief. I'm not threatening your precious city, just looking out for Number One.

–Red X, to Robin

Red X
Red X.jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Dick Grayson (formerly)

Unknown (second user)

Alias X
Age Unknown
Species Unknown (most likely human)
Series Teen Titans
Location Dark City
Voiced by Scott Menville

Red X is an anti-hero and a former "villain identity" employed by Robin. Red X is also something of a ninja. He hacks into the computer systems of banks, jails, and cities.

Character History


During Fuse's attack, the young anti-hero can be found in Dark City. While in Dark City, Red X and Slade got into a fight, which was stopped when Bell arrived and nearly killed Red X. Red X survived the attack, but his power had grown weaker, making him unable to fight.

He gives out missions (reluctantly) at Dark City to investigate Mt. Cartoon. Red X has found out that there is a Fusion inside the volcano and sends the hero to investigate.


  • Teleportation
  • X-Shuriken
  • X Wristband
  • Explosive X
  • Electric X
  • X portal
  • Adhesive Restraint


Many fans of the Teen Titans series believe Red X's identity to be Jason Todd, who served as Robin after Dick Grayson, the current Robin in Teen Titans, left Batman and became Nightwing. In the episode "X", a humorous reference to this possibility is made through a theory table set by Beast Boy about the identity of the new Red X, which includes Jason Todd as a candidate.

BB's other theories included: an evil twin; "a bionic monkey infused with Robin's DNA"; Larry, the inter-dimensional imp that the Titans had met in "Fractured"; or a time-traveling version of Nightwing, Robin's future identity. (In DC comics, Dick Grayson gave up the identity of Robin in Tales of the Teen Titans #44 (July 1984) and became Nightwing.)

These theories were poked fun at in the New Teen Titans short "Red X Unmasked", in which they capture him and tie him to a chair. At first, it appears that Beast Boy may be correct, as removing his mask reveals him to be Jason Todd. But this also turns out to be a mask covering a mask of Speedy. As more masks come off, the Titans see the faces of Newfu, Alfred Pennyworth, Batman, Silkie, Larry and Slade, at which point the body turns out to be a bomb which detonates. As the Titans recover from the shock, the real Red X appears and tells them to "Keep guessing, kids!" before making his escape. Beast Boy sticks to his theory by indignantly shouting at Red X, "I still think you're Jason Todd!" Upon which X throws a gag into his mouth to shut him up.


  • Red X's identity is still unknown to everyone that encounters him.
  • The second Red X's true voice is unknown: the mask features a voice modulator that adds a robotic tone to the wearer's voice, which is the second major factor that differentiates the two wearers, as when Robin wore the suit, he simply spoke with a much calmer/more sinister tone of voice, while the mystery owner sounds exactly like Robin, albeit with a more jovial/playful tone of voice.