Rebecca Storm
Vital statistics
Title Rebecca Storm
Gender female
Race human
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Status Fusion Fall Academy student
Location Null Void
Rebecca Storm is a character used in Ghost Plasmore's fic "Fusion Fall: The Story of Pike Aftershock" as well as its spin-off fic "Fusion Fall: The Next Adventure" by ODROverdrive's new member Kyle West.


She is headstrong, and very prideful. She is also protective of her friends and family, risking her life to save them. She has a sister named Alysson.


Alysson Storm

Alysson is Rebecca's older sister from "FF:SPA." They seem to be very close, though at one point competing for the affection of Pike.

Pike Aftershock

Pike is Rebecca's best friend and former love interest. She saved him from Fus, and he inspired her to join Fusion Fall Academy.

Conner Caster

A character in "FF:TNA." He is Rebecca's new love interest.

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