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Princess Morbucks
Vital statistics
Alias Princess
Age 14
Species Human
Series Powerpuff Girls
Location Townsville Center
Voiced by Jennifer Hale
My daddy will just buy it for me!

Princess Morbucks is a spoiled rich little brat and enemy of the Powerpuff Girls. She met the girls in kindergarten and had immediately wanted to join their group; however, the superhero trio rejected her. After constantly being rejected, she came to hate them and wanted to beat them by being better than the three. Her attempts have always failed.


For the most part, Princess is useless in terms of the plot. She's only helpful when she tells the player where to get the Prism and how to use it again Fusion Vilgax. However, for the most part, she's a nuisance and a brat.

At one point, she has the player go and get her items from various stores. However, it is revealed that she was having the player steal them for her own personal use. The player returns the stolen items and Princess is scolded for her criminal actions.

In "The Ice King Invasion," she was captured by the Ice King due to the Princess in her name. She waits for the player to save her (and is totally and utterly ungrateful once the player does). During the Valentine event, she had the player give Max a card from her to his grandson, which perplexed the aged Plumber.


  •  She makes an appearance in FusionFall Adventure: "The Ice King Invasion."
  • She has a crush on Ben which he does not reciprocate.
  • She used to be part of the villainous group, the Beat-Alls. Coincidentally, she and the other members (Fuzzy Lumkins, Him, and Mojo Jojo) are in the game.