PrincessA World Mission Princess' Payback (Part 4 of 4)
Level 16
Difficulty Normal
Character Princess Morbucks
Place Townsville Center - Downtown
Help Buttercup pull a prank on Princess.
My Notes
I double-crossed Princess in order to stop her from pranking Buttercup and Bubbles.

Mission Offer

PrincessA Princess Morbucks
Thanks for helping me teach Blossom a lesson. Now we need to show those other two Powerpuff brats who's boss. You gonna help me or not?

Mission Details

PrincessA Princess Morbucks
First, we need to take care of that no good Buttercup! I hear these days she's hanging out with that slick Ace guy. Pfft! Not for long!
Step 1
Talk to Buttercup about Ace
ButtercupA Buttercup
She's asking about my relationship? Yeah, me and Ace are pretty tight. We really get each other, you know? But Princess knows if she tries to mess with that, she's gonna be in a world of hurt!

PrincessA Princess Morbucks
Blech! So Buttercup IS getting soft for this guy. What's his deal?

Step 2
Talk to Ace about Buttercup

AceA Ace
Yeah. BellaDon- uh, Buttercup's a babe. What's it to you, pal?

ButtercupA Buttercup
Nevermind him. He's just grumpy because some Fusion monsters stole our gear. They took off towards Morbucks Towers with them. Hey! That gives me an idea.

Step 3
Go to Morbucks Towers

ButtercupA Buttercup
Those monsters took our gear! But it's pretty convenient that they're hanging around Morbucks Towers. Getting 'em riled up around Princess' property will distract her for the next phase of the plan. And see if you can pick up our stuff!

Step 4
Defeat the Riot Rogues
Guitar pick: 0/1

Step 5
Defeat the Doomdozers
Drum set pieces: 0/3

PrincessA Princess Morbucks
Hey! What's going on over there? Those creeps are messing with my business!

ButtercupA Buttercup
While Princess is occupied with those monsters, let's TP the towers! I know where you might be able to find some toilet paper.

Step 6
Find Toiletnator in Camp Kidney and ask him for toilet paper

Toilet paper: 0/1

ToiletnatorA Toiletnator
It's for a prank on Princess? I'm in. Go teach that brat a lesson.

ButtercupA Buttercup
Great! Now all you have to do is TP that tower!

Step 7
Go to Morbucks Towers and TP the main tower

ButtercupA Buttercup
You did it! Now come back for your reward.

Step 8
Talk to Buttercup

ButtercupA Buttercup
Princess should think twice before messing with Powerpuffs. Thanks for your help.
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