ButtercupA World Mission Princess' Payback (Part 3 of 4)
Level 16
Difficulty Easy
Character Buttercup
Place Marquee Row - Downtown
Tell Princess her plan was successful.
My Notes
I decided to continue assisting Princess to act as a spy for Buttercup and Bubbles.

Mission Offer

Princess' Payback (Part 3 of 4)
If Princess tried to get revenge on Blossom, who knows what she could have planned for me and Bubbles.

Mission Details

ButtercupA Buttercup
Go talk to Bubbles, she might have news on Princess' revenge scheme.

Step 1
Talk to Bubbles

BubblesA Bubbles
Princess' cake prank was almost a success. But thanks to you, Princess has been set back on her plans. Great job! But now we need to find out what she's planning next and put a stop to it.

ButtercupA Buttercup
Princess doesn't know you betrayed her. You could act as a mole and inform us on her plans.

Step 2
Talk to Princess Morbucks

PrincessA Princess Morbucks
Of course it worked. I'm so much smarter and prettier than that stuck-up Blossom. Serves her right for not letting my be a PowerPuff. But we still need to get back at the other two. I'm going to need your assistance again.

ButtercupA Buttercup
She bought it. Good work! Let me know when you get info on her plans. Here's your reward.
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