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PrincessA.png World Mission Princess' Payback (Part 2 of 4)
Level 16
Difficulty Normal
Character Princess Morbucks
Place Townsville Center - Downtown
Help Buttercup foil Princess' revenge scheme.
My Notes
I was going to help Princess get back at Blossom, but decided to help out Buttercup instead.

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
I'll require your assistance again for this prank. Give this cake to Blossom and tell her it's from me.

Step 1
Give cake to Blossom

Cake 0/1

BlossomA.png Blossom
Princess sent me a cake? Wow. Maybe she's turned over a new leaf.

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
Perfect. She didn't suspect a thing. Now you better hurry back to me before things get messy.

Step 2
Talk to Princess

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
I put the explosive you collected for me in the cake. So when she tries to eat it, it'll blow up in her face. Clever, right?

ButtercupA.png Buttercup
Hey, what are you doing helping that spoiled brat? You need to get that cake from Blossom before it blows!

Step 3
Get cake from Blossom
Time remaining: 245

ButtercupA.png Buttercup
Good job! Now come see me and I'll give you a reward.

Step 4
Talk to Buttercup

ButtercupA.png Buttercup
Princess will never learn that she can't get whatever she wants. That's not what being a PowerPuff is about. Anyways, thanks for changing your mind about helping Princess.