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PrincessA.png World Mission Princess' Payback (Part 1 of 4)
Level 16
Difficulty Easy
Character Princess Morbucks
Place Townsville Center - Downtown
Help Princess prepare for her revenge on Blossom.
My Notes
I collected an explosive, a cake, and candles. Then I delivered them to Princess so she could get revenge on Blossom.

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
Hey, you! We need to get back at Blossom for not letting me be a Powerpuff Girl. The first thing we'll need is a small explosive. I think I saw a Heavy Hunter with one.

Step 1
Defeat the Heavy Hunters.

Explosives 0/1

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
You found the explosive! Good. Now you need to get a cake. I think Chowder has one. Go see him!

Step 2
Talk to Chowder.

ChowderA.png Chowder
Well, I was going to save this for a midnight snack -- but I guess you can have it.

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
Great job! The last things we'll need are some candles.

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
I saw some people with candles at the Jungle Outpost in the Wilds. Could you head up there and get them for me?

Step 3
Go to Mount Blackhead.

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
You'll need to get a candle from four different people. The first person you need to see is Mac.

Step 4
Get candle from Mac.

Candles 0/4

MacA.png Mac
Sure, I'll let you borrow my candle.

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
Nice job. Now see that Saturday boy. He's the one with the salt and pepper hair.

Step 5
Get candle from Zak.

Candles 1/4

Zak SaturdayA.png Zak Saturday
I'm okay with letting you use my candle, I guess. Just bring it back when you're done.

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
Now you'll need to get the last twp candles, the next one from Numbuh Three. She's that girl in the baggy green sweater that talks funny.

Step 6
Get candle from Numbuh Three.

Candles 2/4

Numbuh ThreeA.png Numbuh Three
I'd be glad to get rid of this candle. They're a fire hazard, here in the Wilds and to my Rainbow Monkeys, too!

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
Well, that was easy enough. The last candle belongs to a guy named Ed. He claims to be the "King of the Jungle," but I bet my Daddy has more jewels than his whole family combined does.

Step 7
Get the last candle from Ed.

Candles 3/4

EdA.png Ed
You can have my candle. Just take good care of it. I made it from my own earwax.

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
Ewww! No way he's royalty. Oh, well. Bring those items you've collected back to me.

Step 8
Deliver items to Princess and complete your mission.

Explosive 1/1

Cake 1/1

Candles 4/4

PrincessA.png Princess Morbucks
Thanks for gathering these items for me. I'm going to get things organized for the prank. I'll let you know when I'm ready for the next phase of the plan.

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