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Good show! Jolly good show!

–Pops's signature catchphrase

Pops Maellard
Pops character.png
Vital statistics
Alias Pops
Species Human
Series Regular Show
Location Marquee Row
Nano Item Harpsichord
Voiced by Sam Marin

Pops Maellard is an elderly (though very naive) lollipop-shaped man and a main character of Regular Show, who works at The Park.


Pops is almost always in a jolly mood. Pops works with Benson as a park manager, but he acts as a groundskeeper. He tends to be overly ecstatic about every situation and expresses himself as an upright gentleman to the point where he overly extends his words and sentences formally. Despite being an elderly man, Pops is very childlike and naive about the world around him. He also seems to like Mordecai and Rigby more than Benson, ironically, despite Mordecai and Rigby's irresponsible behavior and Benson's more responsible behavior (and Benson being his good friend). Pops's father, Mr. Maellard, owns the park. Even so, Pops relies on Benson for the upkeep of the park. Benson also seems to be responsible for taking care of Pops due to his childlike nature. Pops is in a perpetually optimistic mood, and most of the time, he can best be described as bubbly. However, Pops isn't one to be jolly when disrespected. Whenever he is not acting childishly, Pops acts like a gentleman, always addressing others politely, with one sole exception in "Think Positive", where he demands Benson to stop yelling at Mordecai and Rigby. Pops's childish demeanor makes him very gullible, but even though anyone can take advantage of this, most people still respect Pops as a friend. His language style is unique where he will go to larger extents to scientifically or vividly describe an object that would normally be said in a few words.


In FusionFall, Pops can be found in the Past at Marquee Row. He states that he was attending an art showcase at the Sunny Bridges Auditorium when suddenly it was attacked by Fuse's minions. Scared and away from his home at the Park, Pops stuck around to help Dexbots with the quarintining of the auditorium as an Infected Zone. He provided his information as a witness of the attack to help Dexter learn more about Fuse's army, and lends his hat as a nano item.

NPC Quotes

Like many other NPC's, Pops has a variety of voice-over phrases that can be heard when the player interacts with him. Aside from the voiced quotes, he also has a selection of casual text bubbles related to things he might say to the players around him. They are usually regarding the game and the storyline, as well as subtle references to the show. These quotes include:

I was quite the rough houser in my day, but these monsters don't play nice at all!


Nanos! Oh, what fun!

–Pops, expressing his enthusiasm for the nano project (Note: the player will almost always hear this quote from Pops when they are tasked to receive his Nano item)

For musical fusions, they sure do not put on a good show!

–Pops (via text bubble), criticizing the musically-themed monsters of Marquee Row for their mean nature and terrible "music"