Area Level 35
NPCs Jackie Chan


Twilight Sparkle

Ponyville is a town in Equestria, the main setting of the series My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and home to the leading characters.


When Fuse descended onto the  Earth, the ponies were just partying when the doorbell rang. Not knowing there was a Fusion Spawn at the door Derpy Hooves opened the door and was hurled into the air. She tried to fly, but because of her distorted eyes, she flew the wrong way all the way from the Suburbs to the Wilds. She ended up at the Slender Woods, where she crashed with broken wings.

The Mane Six were ready to fight the Fusions off. However, Fuse knew the Elements were too dangerous to attack, so he bombarded the party with Terrafusers. Every pony in the party survived, but because the explosion was aimed directly at the Mane Six, four of them were driven away, leaving only Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. Twilight Sparkle wanted to search for people from other areas who were hurt by the awful Fusion creatures, because she didn't want anyone to experience what she was feeling (inasmuch as she believed her friends were dead). The only one she found was Thomas, who was severely injured when his car crashed as he was trying to escape from the Fusions. Twilight brought Thomas to Ponyville to heal him. Rainbow Dash, in the meantime, consulted with Dexter, who asked her to set up a safe haven at Rainbow Road for refugees from the Fusion invasion.

Jackie Chan was blown by a Fusion blast to Ponyville. He had been trying to contact Uncle to get the talismans, but the only thing message he received in return was that the talismans were of less importance at this time.

Even though there are a number of Fusions throughout the Ponyville area, there are two sites that are not infected. The first is Twilight's magically protected house, where Twilight and Thomas are, and the second is at the Apple family's farm, where Jackie Chan is. Jackie is stationed in this site right outside the entrance, because witnesses report that some Fusions were seen breaking out here.

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