Pokey Oaks North Map
Pokey Oaks North
Area Level 05
NPCs Truffles
Pokey Oaks is a location from The PowerPuff Girls. Located in The Suburbs, it is home to Fuse's monsters that are terrorizing the residents. In the North part is Pokey Oaks Junior High, the Powerpuff Girls' school, which is now an Infected Zone. Several Fusions have taken up residence inside the school. 

Several Fusions have taken up residence inside the school. Fusion Blossom is heading the operation to steal the sugar, spice, and everything nice and has also stolen some of Blossom's hairbows. Fusion Wilt and his army have been stealing the candy from Foster's and hiding it in his Lair.

Furthermore, Fusion Bubbles is in charge of Fuse's plan to terrorise the residents and terrafuse the entire area. Fusion Mayor is also here to inject the pickle supply with Fusion Matter. Fusion Eddy recently stole some of the real Eddy's jawbreakers and is hiding in the school.

Players could also fight the monster Don Doom here occasionally and anywhere along his route between here and Pokey Oaks South in the original game. He was added there in the Academy update when the future was removed.

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