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Planet Hero
General Information
Species Human
Galaxy Far MilkyWay Galaxy

Planet Hero is where some of the Fusion Wars recruits come from. They are sent to the academy once they have filled out a question answer sheet. It is located in the Far Milky Way Galaxy.


As the name implies, Planet Hero has produced loads of heroes who have protected the galaxies for millennia. It is said that the planet has such a rich history that it can take 10 years to read about the details of the planet's events.

During Fuse's invasion, the rulers of Planet Hero joined forces with the first Dragon Guardians and other rulers of planets to perform the "Dimensional Sealing Formation" in order to push Fuse and Planet Fusion back into their galaxy.


Ever since the invasion, Planet Hero has sent more recruits to various planets in danger so that they can help them deal with the Fusion menace before all worlds are destroyed.

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