Pike Cover

Pike is the sequel series to Fusion Fall: The Story of Pike Aftershock, written by ODROverdrive's Ghost Plasmore.


Five years after the events of Battle FrontierPike and his family are living together in the Lyoko Warriors tower, still waging war against Fuse and his army. Things are getting harder to handle, raising growing children, in a war of such high danger. Can it be done?


Pike Aftershock - The hero of FusionFall, fighting to keep peace and justice on the Earth

Buttercup Utonium - Pike's love interest, mother of his children and a member of his squad, fighting Fuse

Anthea Aftershock - Pike and Buttercup's daughter

Jérémie Aftershock - Pike and Buttercup's son

Aélita Schaeffer - Lyoko Warrior


No. Chapter Name Description
1 Raindrops After a fight with Fuse, Pike comes home to a sad daughter who wants to live the life of a regular child.


  • This series has more action.
  • It was originally not intended to happen.
  • Pike is now 23.
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