Vital statistics
Species Pokémon
Designation NPC
Series Pokémon
Location Townsville Park
Nano Item Sample of Electric
Voiced by Ikue Otani

Pikachu is a Pokémon belonging to Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of the animated series, Pokémon. Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon. It evolves from Pichu and evolves to Raichu if exposed to a Thunderstone. Pikachu is popularly known as the mascot of the Pokémon franchise and a major representative of Nintendo's collective mascots. It is also the version mascot of Pokémon Yellow, and the only starter Pokémon in that game. It has also made numerous appearances on the boxes of spin-off titles.


Before Fuse attacked, Ash and Pikachu decided to visit the Cartoon Network Universe and take a break from the Pokémon League; the two have been stuck in Townsville Park since Fuse attacked. Numbuh One requested them to stay in the area and protect the townspeople who still reside in the surroundings of the park. Pikachu helps greatly by using his Thunderbolt attack to destroy Fusion monsters in the area.

In the mission "Hide-and-Seekachu," Pikachu becomes lost, and the hero must retrieve him from Fusion Ash. it starts when Ash tells the player that Ash asked Pikachu to go to DexLabs, and give Dexter a note from him. Pikachu became lost on the way. The player tracks Pikachu's latest trail with the Goo-Getter, (originally the Go-Getter, but Goo retrieved most of the ingredients for Dexter and declared it the Goo-Getter) and it leads the Player to Slender Woods. In Slender Woods, the Player goes to the Fusion Lair of Fusion Ash. Once there, the player faces Fusion Slenderman once more. Afterwards, the player immediately defeats Fusion Ash (one of the dreaded Super Fusions and therefore hard to defeat) and saves Pikachu and returns him to a grateful Ash, thus gaining the Ash Nano.


  • It is unknown if Team Rocket is still planning on kidnapping Pikachu, since the world is at war.
  • Numbuh Three has taken a liking to Pikachu and has attempted to kidnap him several times.
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