Piggy McCool
Vital statistics
Species Pig (Green)
Series Angry Birds Toons
Location Piggy Island
Nano Item Foam finger
Voiced by Anti LJ Pääkkönen

Piggy McCool is a minion pig disguised as a Blue bird who first appeared in the Angry Birds Toons episode "True Blue?" Chef Pig set him up to distract the Blues and steal the eggs. He appears in Angry Birds Epic as a shopkeeper who sells resources and potions.


He was sent by Chef Pig to distract the Blues and steal the eggs. The disguise was so poor that the Blues can see that he is a pig from the beginning and start to play with him, injuring him in the process. The Blues bring McCool to the slingshot and launch him far away.


He is a Shopkeeper in Piggy Island who sells Angry Birds-themed merchandise and weapons. He is rather reasonable enough to set the prices at a affordable level. He gives out hints on the set weapons, which are the highest priced so far, such as claiming that when Steel Force is used with Steel Wall, the player can learn a new ability.

He occasionally appears as an ally to help players defeat Fusion monsters in some areas of Piggy Island.

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