Piggy island
Piggy Island
Area Level 50
NPCs Matilda

Hal Stella Willow Poppy Dahlia Luca Piggy McCool Tetsuya Watarigani

Piggy Island is home to the Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies. It is available at level 50 with the world mission "Galaxy Wings." The island itself has a pig-shaped mountain in its middle, flowing with water. It also has all sorts of vegetation and landforms. The pigs have their own city in the island, but ever since the Fusion War, most of the city has become an infected zone and ghost town. There are also Mighty Eagle's cave and a sandy area in the front of Piggy Island, with a warp portal to the Castle of Death on the small desert island that is near the island.


Matilda, Hal and Stella are left on the island to take care of the eggs after Fusion monsters attacked Piggy Island. In "Galaxy Wings", the player delivers a letter from the Angry Birds Team to the female birds. Matilda then tells the player to deliver a letter to the birds to reassure them that they are fine and to consult Dexter about the Eggsteroids.

Much of Pig City has become an Infected Zone with barely any survivors. Piggy McCool runs a vendor shop in an area of Pig City that is untouched by Fusion Matter. Tetsuya Watarigani can be seen near the vendor shop and should the player talk to him, he would tell how he and his friends were on a cruise ship to City Peninsula to look for Ginga when Fusion monsters attacked the ship. The crab-obsessed boy became a castaway, separated from his friends and ended up on Piggy Island, where he spent time scavenging, playing with crabs and hunting down any monsters that he came across. Stella's friends can also be seen in South Beach, with Dahlia pointing out to the player that the reason why there are almost no survivors in Pig City is simply because the pigs were too stupid to fight back the Fusion monsters. Given that Dahlia is a fan of scientists like Dexter, she could have told Matilda about him in the first place.


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