Penny Sanchez
Penelope Victoria “Penny” Sanchez
Vital statistics
Real name Penelope Victoria Sanchez
Age 15
Species Human
Series ChalkZone
Location Foster's Home
Voiced by Hynden Walch
If Fuse gets hold of Solid Imagination, it could threaten all our worlds!


Penny Sanchez is Rudy Tabootie's fellow classmate and best friend in his own world beyond the ChalkZone in Nickelodeon's cartoon of the same name. She is extremely bright, and has a knack for figuring things out, especially science-related things. Though she and Rudy seem to have a mutual crush, neither has admitted it yet especially inasmuch as Snap White, Rudy's best friend in ChalkZone, seems to be rather jealous of her.


The Future

In FusionFall, Penny, Rudy, and Snap do not appear in the Future, and must either be assumed to have remained in their own dimension or to have been killed or captured by Fuse.

The Past

In the past, a Fusion Snap appears in a Fusion Portal inside Foster's Home in the mission "Stalk Zone." If, after defeating Fusion Cheese, the player returns to the first hallway where the Cheese Puffs were, a chalk drawing of Penny can be found behind a potted plant which forms a portal into Fusion Snap's lair. After the player defeats eight Beanie Boys and five Bully Nerds, Penny appears, explaining that the "green Snap" who kidnapped her was trying to find out from her if the Magic Chalk was a kind of solid Imaginary Energy. She implores the hero to get it away from him, fearing that solid imagination might enable Fuse to dominate her universe as well as the Cartoon Network one. After defeating Fusion Snap, the hero gives the Chalk to Rudy and sends him and Penny back to their own ChalkZone dimension.


FusionFall ChalkZone Penny Sanchez

Penelope Victoria "Penny" Sanchez, as she appears in FusionFall

  • Penny and Rudy appear to have been "aged up" in a fashion similar to other child-characters in the game, although Fusion Snap still appears in a childlike form.
  • Penny can speak Spanish as well as English, and has quite a fine singing voice as well.
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