Pen Mertens
Vital statistics
Age 16
Species Human
Location Mobile

Pen Mertens is a human who was hit with one of the white rays that Alien X used to give the teens of the world the powers and skills of the heroes and villains of the Cartoon Network universe; he was given the Powers and skills of Marceline the Vampire Queen


Pen is very confident, but is hasty and can act without thinking and he and Courtney Dawson don't get along as she sees him as too reckless.


Pen is African-American, with black hair with a red streak in it. He wears a black shirt with a zipped black jacket, white paints, and black boots.

Powers & Abilities

Superhuman Senses: Pen's vision, hearing, taste, touch and smell are more greatly advanced than the average human's.

Super Speed: Pen has the supernatural ability to jump, run, and move at superhuman velocity.

Telepathy: Pen possesses the supernatural ability to communicate mentally with other vampires without physical contact and long distances. It also allows him to probe the minds of others. Pen is able to communicate with Marceline non-verbally, as well as with Conner, who is also telepathic due to being a Anodite.

Compulsion (Mind Control/Influence): Pen has the supernatural ability to control and manipulate the body, mind, and soul of nearly any animal or person.

Healing: Pen possesses the supernatural ability to heal all infections, wounds, and injuries at an accelerated speed.

Immortality: Pen possesses the supernatural abilities of eternal life and youth, meaning that he will never grow old or age and he is incapable of death due to ordinary human circumstances.

The Next Adventure: A FusionFall Story

Pen is one of the new students at the FusionFall Academy and friends with four other students: Conner Caster, Courtney Dawson, Mark Valentine, and Rebecca Storm.

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