Peach Creek Wilds
Peach Creek Wilds
Area Level 27
NPCs Plank



Peach Creek Wilds is an area in The Wilds where Plank and Rolf are located. It is unknown how they got there, but all they know is they left the Cul-de-Sac before Eddy declared himself King. One reason they might've left is they went out to play and went too far out.


Peach Creek Wilds is a lightly forested area with a number of pools and fountains and a large lake or harbor (there is a barrier which prevents players from going far enough to see a farther shore). Large sections of this body of water are infected with Fusion Matter. On the southern shore is Marzipan City; on the northern shore are the ruins of Stormalong Harbor. The Shipwreck, which is the Peach Creek Wilds Infected Zone, can be reached from these ruins as well as from the northern half of Forbidden Island, which lies in.the lake between Marzipan City and Stormalong.

Peach Creek Wilds can be reached only by swimming to the beginning of Peach Creek, and diving through the underwater cave there. (Only players who have obtained the lead-lined Diving Boots by completing the "That's Just Peachy" mission given out by Freddy Fishlegs can reach the underwater cave.)

No Fusion Monsters remain there (or have been placed here yet by the programmers) except for Beauty, so it is the most part considered a safe area despite such an odd location for a lack of monsters.


Beauty (Fusion Blowfish)


  • Flapjack reappeared in FusionFall for the Valentine's event by washing up in Peach Creek from a "Fuse-wrecked Stormalong." (Freddy Fishlegs is currently where Flapjack was for the Valentine's event). It is possible that Flapjack was originally meant to give out the "That's Just Peachy" mission that allows the player to reach Stormalong through Peach Creek Wilds.
  • Flapjack moved to Leakey Lake during the Saint Patrick's Day event; it is possible that he mistook the words "Peach Creek Lake" for "Leaky Lake," since he is looking for Bubbie there, while she is actually in the Shipwreck Infected Zone.
  • Flapjack helps the player find one of the missing blowfish for the Mother's Day event; it is possible that Beauty was originally meant to be that blowfish.
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