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C.L.Y.D.E location in Orchid Bay

Orchid Bay Map
Orchid Bay
Area Level 17
NPCs Grim

Mario Superior


Johnny Bravo


Orchid Bay is an area based off the show, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. Juniper Lee is the Te-Xuan-Ze, meaning that she cannot leave Orchid Bay, but in FusionFall, it is hinted she made a deal with Grim to leave the area during Fuse's invasion. Grim, Finn, Johnny Bravo, and many Candy Pirates are NPCs here, as well as minor characters such as Mario Superior. Here, Grim gives some Dexter Guide missions at high levels, averaging level 17. The very north of the area is a part of Marquee Row. Most of the islands in the game, such as Prankster's Island, Wave Island, and the legendary Candied Island lie in the ocean beyond Orchid Bay, though they are too far away to swim to.

Orchid Bay has a large dock with many ships which works as the main base here, including a shopping area, Whoosh the Alpha Whale warp to Monkey Foothills, and Grim. Other features of Orchid Bay include a shipping port, a lighthouse, a boardwalk, and several buildings. The lighthouse is maintained by the Candy Pirates, actively trying to call in reinforcements from far away lands. The area does not exist in the Future.

There also is a small infected zone called "Cutts and Bruises Skate Park". In addition, the Ice King's palace appears offshore, featuring in the FusionFall Adventures "Ice King Invasion". NPC's in the palace include Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and the Ice King himself.

Fusion Eduardo also has a secret lair in Orchid Bay, and is in charge of capturing sea animals for experimenting on with Fusion Matter. Due to being a Fusion made out of Imaginary Energy, he can't resist doing at least one good deed. He gets some orange chalk and writes the message, "Big secreto under el boardwalk", on a small chalkboard, breaks it in half, gives one piece to the Master Tentakillers and hides the other one in the Infected Zone.

After the player defeats Fuse for the first time, City Peninsula and City Island appear to the south of Orchid Bay.

Fusion Monsters

80px Name Master Tentakiller
Boss Grand Master Tentakiller
Level 17
Type Adaptium
The Tentakiller's coils can lash out at lightning speed. The Fusion Spawn controlling it may be weak, but it's hard to get through its terrible defenses.
Corruption Attack

Battery Drain

Area: Orchid BayBoardwalk Brawler


Boardwalk Bully

Glacial Golem

Ice Titan

Fusion Lairs


Monkey Skyway Agent

City Hall Icon City Hall
City Station Icon City Station
Bravo Beach Icon Bravo Beach

Whoosh, the Alpha Whale

Monkey Foothills Icon Monkey Foothills


Sector V Icon Sector V


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