Offworld Plaza Map
Offworld Plaza
Area Level 24
NPCs Ben Tennyson

Determined not to let anyone on Earth escape to the stars, Fuse gummed up the shuttlepads of the Offworld Plaza with Fusion Matter and Terrafusers, and turned it into an Infected Zone. Ben Tennyson is working hard to clean up the area, while Numbuh Two is working on the KND S.H.U.T.T.E.L. (Space Hauler Unequivocally Transports Troops Excluding Luggage), a ship that will take troops directly to Planet Fusion. Grandpa Max is further making a satellite that will take pictures of Planet Fusion. General Tso has sent his Chickens to the plaza in hopes of finding a way off Earth. Whenever Ben gets an opportunity to turn into an alien, Fusion Gwen suddenly appears and steals a sample of the alien. Ben figures that Fuse is trying to make Fusions of his alien counterparts. Fusion Gwen is also working together with Fusion Ben. Along with that alliance, Fusion Ben has managed to trick Mandark, Mojo Jojo, and Vilgax into hating each other and having them stage a showdown in the ammunition depot in the spaceport.

Fusion Lairs:

  • Fusion Ben's Secret Lair
  • Fusion Gwen and Fusion Ben's Lair
  • Ammunition Depot
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