Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan...

–Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat
Vital statistics
Location Sweet Street

Nyan Cat is a Pop-Tart cat that flies through space saying, "Nyan!" over and over again in a popular YouTube video.

In FusionFall

One day Nyan Cat's evil twin and archenemy Tac Nayn blew Nyan right out of the sky, causing Nyan to land on Earth. Now Nyan can frequently be seen throughout the game. It is fortunate for a player when Myan Cat passes by, because when a Fusion sees Nyan, it will always chase the space cat rather than the player.

Unlike Tac Nayn, who will occasionally stop on Wave Island to relax, Nyan Cat remains continuously in motion, though he passes through Sweet Street on a fairly regular basis.


  • It has been somewhat dubiously speculated that Nyan Cat may be somehow related to Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, largely from the facts that they are both feline and both fly while trailing a rainbow behind them.
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