Numbuh Three
Numbuh Three
Vital statistics
Age 15
Series Codename: Kids Next Door
Location Mount Blackhead
Nano Item Rainbow Monkey Doll
Voiced by Lauren Tom

Numbuh Three (real name Kuki Sanban) is one of the main five children from Codename: Kids Next Door and is the most childish in terms of personality. Her home nation is Japan (making her and Samurai Jack the only canonical Japanese characters in FusionFall). She has two uptight parents and a younger sister in her family. Her biggest weakness is her love for every type of animal and her favorites are the Rainbow Monkeys, stuffed toy monkeys. As an adult, she later married Numbuh Four and became the president of the Rainbow Monkey Corporation.



Numbuh Three

In FusionFall, Numbuh Three is lost in The Future when Fuse's forces nearly conquer Earth. In the Past, she's at Mount Blackhead with Numbuh Four, Coco, Mac, and Ed. She wonders about Mandy's cold personality and thinks she needs a hug. Her sweet personality has easily made her friends with Bubbles. She also helps the player during the Bubbles Nano mission by promising to care for Bullet, Bubbles' squirrel friend, as the player hunts down and defeats Fusion Bubbles at the nearby Infected Zone. When the player heads for Monkey Mountain to complete the Numbuh Three Nano mission, she asks for the player's aid in saving a family of monkeys and eventually saves them all including Baby Monkey, who was in possession of Fusion Numbuh Three.

In "Princess' Payback (Part 1 of 4)," Numbuh Three is one of the four NPC's at Mount Blackhead that Princess has the player get a candle from. She agrees to let the player borrow her candle.


  • She and Numbuh Five are the only ones from the KND whose Nano types aren't the same colors as their sweaters.
  • In Numbuh Three's Nano mission, Numbuh Three tells the player to "Defeat Fusion Juniper Lee," when actually the player will be fighting Fusion Numbuh Three.


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