Stupid boy!
Numbuh 86
Vital statistics
Real name Fanny Fulbright
Age 15
Series Codename: Kids Next Door
Location The KND Moonbase
Voiced by Jennifer Hale

Numbuh 86 (full name Fanny Fulbright) is Head of Decomissioning and Global Tactical Officer for the Kids Next Door (originally in the Health Unit before changing jobs), stationed out of the Kids Next Door Moonbase. She is well-known for her short temper and her high-pitched shrill tone. Like Numbuh 60, she is a bit of an authoritarian figure; though not so much as a drill sergeant, she does, however, run a tight ship and demand the best out of the operatives under her command.


Numbuh 86 has been Numbuh 362's right-hand (wo)man ever since the latter became the Supreme Leaduh. Numbuh 86 holds herself in high esteem, and generally antagonizes boys at any opportunity given to her (this mostly stems from growing up with two younger brothers and being her daddy's little girl); however, she's been shown to appreciate a few boys, though these are few and far between. She and Numbuh 60 have been known to get into some nasty arguments generally avoided by everybody. The two are rather similar in personality, yet also polar opposites, so there're usually fireworks when the two interact with each other. Despite Numbuh 86's tough exterior, she is kind-hearted and will assist her fellow operative.


Numbuh 86 is on the Moonbase, working with other KND operatives to get the Moonbase functional and ready for battle. She, like the others, is weary of Chad being on the Moonbase and will openly question his reasonings. Like many others, she felt betrayed by his actions, and wants answers. Out of fear that she'll attack Chad in hostility, Numbuh 362 has instructed Numbuh 86 to work on establishing the communications unit (which is on the other side of the Moonbase and away from the armory), not only to the Watchtower (which they have, however weak the signal), but to the Helicarrier down on Earth.


A green Rainbow Monkey

Her missions revolve around getting signals out of the Moonbase and to have the connection signals set up, which includes getting tools to fix the necessary machinery. Her reward set is a (green) Rainbow Monkey set.


  • Numbuh 86 is of Irish descent.
  • Her dad is Mr. Boss, one of Sector V's immediate enemies.
  • Numbuh 86 is secretly a Rainbow Monkey fan, which she and Numbuh Three have in common.
    • In fact, Numbuh One comments that she has "more Rainbow Monkeys than Numbuh Three", but this may be an exaggeration on Numbuh One's part.
  • Like Lola of the Looney Tunes, Numbuh 86 despises being called by a nickname. In this case, she despises being called "Toots".
  • Like the other Kids Next Door, she's been "aged up."
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