Unless explicitly stated, don't touch anything!
Numbuh 74.239
Vital statistics
Real name Gabe
Age 15
Series Codename: Kids Next Door
Location The KND Moonbase
Voiced by Dave Wittenberg

Numbuh 74.239 (first name Gabe, last name unknown) is the Head Scientist for the Kids Next Door, and an agent for the Galactic Kids Next Door, who works alongside Numbuh Infinity (and later Chad Dickson). His scientific designs are rather top-notch, though he never competes in any of the science fairs the KND holds (1.) because he is assigned to the Moonbase and not an actual sector, and 2.) he judges the entries). Most of his designs may be partly inspired by the GKND, since he has some connections to them.


There little is known about Numbuh 74.239. He was in the same class grade as Sector V (and most other operatives), and is very smart (and also fiery since, when wound up, he can engage in some arguments). His passion is science and 2x4 technology, which is what half his missions are about. His connection to Numbuh Infinity and the Galactic Kids Next Door is vague, but it seems he knows quite a lot about it since he arranged for Numbuh One to be picked up to begin his journey as a GKND operative (only for Numbuh One to say he wasn't willing to part from his teammates and chose to stay on Earth).


Although Chad and Numbuh Infinity had arrived on the Moonbase mysteriously, it can be implied that Numbuh 74.239 called them. He and Numbuh Infinity later vouched for Chad to be on the Moonbase to Numbuh 362 when the Supreme Leaduh expressed concern over him being on their turf. Numbuh 74.239 hadn't worked together before this point, but the scientist had been let in on the plan with the other operative.

Numbuh 74.239 is found in the science division, specifically in his lab, which is filled with all sorts of 2x4 tech. His missions have to do with the defense of the Moonbase and the weaponry being in top shape (or running errands to grab the necessary technology to add to his latest gizmo). The reward set offered from his missions is a suit similar to the GKND's suit

What the GKND suit looks like

(there are four colors offered: red, blue, green and yellow).


  • Not much is known about how Numbuh 74.239 got involved with the GKND, or even how he learned about them.
  • Numbuh 74.239 no longer has braces; he has a retainer instead.
  • Like the others in the KND, he's been "aged up."
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