Numbuh 362
Vital statistics
Real name Rachel T. McKenzie
Age 15
Species Human
Series Codename: Kids Next Door
Location The KND Moonbase
Nano Item Helmet
Voiced by Rachel McFarlane

Numbuh 362 (real name Rachel T. McKenzie) is the Supreme Leader of the Kids Next Door, shortly after Chad Dickson (Numbuh 274) "betrayed" the Kids Next Door.


Before Numbuh 362 was the leader of the largest kid organization in the world, she was known as the best spy in the entire organization. For this reason, she was picked as the next leader. She is a kind leader, caring for her people and her Moonbase, though she is strict when she has to be, and she is possibly stricter than even Numbuh One.


Numbuh 362 works hard to keep her Moonbase working. She is in touch with the Watchtower and is working on gaining connections to the Hellicarrier so that she can get in touch with her fellow Kids Next Door operatives (the Moonbase has been out of touch with the other Sectors for a long while). Most of the Kids Next Door defenses are still in place, but she is having a team work on getting the weapons back online to assist with an attack on Planet Fusion.


  • Rachel became the Supreme Leader again after she briefly gave up the position. However, Father had gained the title. In order to gain it back, she forced him to tag her, making her the leader once more.
    • It was also revealed that a game of tag was a kid gained the title of Supreme Leader.
  • Like the rest of the Kids Next Door, she has been "aged" up.
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