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Nowhere Map.png
Area Level 23
NPCs Courage
Juniper Lee

Nowhere is one of the most deserted areas of the FusionFall world, as swarms of powerful Fusion Monsters, such as the Aubergine Meanies, the Moussaka Masters, and the Fowl Foes, roam this part of the world. This area is based off the Cartoon Network series Courage the Cowardly Dog, and was in that show frequently visited by aliens and unspeakable horrors, even before Fuse arrived. A small base, called the "Creepy Farmhouse" by Hoss, is where Kevin, Courage, and Juniper Lee are located. The house is actually Eustace and Muriel's house, though in the game Eustace and Muriel are not to be found. Also located here is a Monkey Skyway Agent and the warp pipe to the Fusion-infested Catacombs.

Other notable features of this desert include the Easter Island-style moai randomly found in the southern part of the area. Beneath Nowhere live the Mutant Eggplants and some newer tenants, the Chickens From Outer Space. These two factions of freaks have been on edge towards each other ever since Fusions had impersonated each species and harassed either side, threatening to start a massive underground war. The Fusion Blowfish Judy can be seen in the farther right areas of Nowhere. In the outermost eastern part is a deserted area that can be walked a bit; however, there are invisible walls preventing the player to go beyond them.

A panoramic view of Nowhere, featuring (from left to right) the Monkey Skyway Agents, a player character, Juniper Lee, another player character, Courage, another player character, a parrot, a Mutant Eggplant, and Kevin Levin.