Noel Kreiss
Noel Kreiss
Vital statistics
Alias The Shadow Hunter
Age 18
Species Human
Series Final Fantasy
Location Champion's Paradise
Voiced by Jason Marsden
Noel Kreiss, the one who saved Peach Creek Wilds and Dark City from the Dark Dragon.

–Dexter talking to a crowd of heroes.

Noel Kreiss is an extremely powerful hero. Noel has two weapons: the Howling Soul and Blazing Blade. He has three forms: Assassin Form, Fire Form, and Steel/Ice form.

Fire Form

Noel's Fire Form can only be used if he has the Fire Orb. His speed and strength increase. This form can be unlocked only after the player finds the orb at Mt. Doom.

Steel/Ice Form

Noel's Steel/Ice Form can only be used by a Frozen Steel Orb. Noel's speed decreases, but his magic increases. This form can be unlocked only after found in Abyss Alley.

Assassin Form

Assassin Form can be used when the player gets A+ on Castle Everdead's racing game and monster killing. It is also known as the Master Assassin Orb. This costume is also Ezio Auditore's main outfit from Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

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