Noah (Total Drama)
Vital statistics
Species Human
Series Total Drama
Location Wicked Woods
Voiced by Carter Hayden
While I was being attacked by a horde of ravenous eels, Zero-brain over there was about as much use as a snowman on a hot plate in a volcanic eruption — and I mean a snowman made of steam!


Noah, labeled The Schemer, was a camper on Total Drama Island and the third contestant voted off. He did not compete on Total Drama Action, but he appeared on the Total Drama Action Aftermath as a member of the peanut gallery. He was a contestant on Total Drama World Tour, and was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

Noah tends to be sarcastic, cynical, and snarky. He is extremely intelligent, but is physically both weak (he mentions his "life-threatening allergies" to Chris) and rather lazy. His arrogant attitude has a tendency to repel people, though he has shown a certain friendliness to Owen, and he was popular enough to be voted Class President of his school. Oddly, despite his physical frailty, Noah doesn't seem afraid of insulting stronger and more violent characters, such as Duncan.


Noah seems to have been tricked by Alejandro into taking the portal to Wicked Woods. He immediately fled from the Screaming Eels that haunt the forest to the safety of the mysterious shrine in that area. There he spends much of his time abusing Alejandro and Herobrine, to whom he seems to have taken a dislike (being entirely impartial to the fear often associated with the latter), although, surprisingly, he seems to be getting along rather well with Rigby.


  • According to the creators of Total Drama, Noah is ethnically East Indian.
  • Noah's escaping from the Screaming Eels seems to be a reference to the Total Drama Drop of Shame extra, wherein Noah, congratulating himself on having escaped from "that slimy eel" Alejandro, immediately falls into a pond full of actual eels.
  • Noah seems to be particularly fond of disparaging Herobrine's intelligence and virility.
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