Natsumi Hinata
Natsumi artwork
Vital statistics
Real name Natsumi Hinata
Alias 723
Natsumi-dono (Keroro and Dororo)
Natsumi-chan (Saburo and Momoka Nishizawa)
Nat-chi (Tamama)
Natsumi-san (Koyuki Azumaya and Angol Mois)
Natsumi (GIroro, Aki, etc.)
Age 14
Species Human
Designation Mission Giver
Series Sgt. Frog
Location Genius Grove
Nano Item Powered Natsumi Cannon
Voiced by Catherine Cavadini
Natsumi Hinata is the sister of Fuyuki Hinata, daughter of Aki Hinata and Haru Hinata, and granddaughter of Akina Hinata. She is a main character on the series Sgt. Frog.

In FusionFall

In Hinata House, Keroro had an idea for a wonderful plan: he would use the "Universe Traveler Gun" to shoot himself into a different universe. However, Natsumi saw everything, and while trying to stop Keroro, ultimately failed because she entered the Cartoon Network Universe during the Fusion Invasion. Natsumi remained in Genius Grove with Professor Utonium, Numbuh Five, and Dee Dee, handing out one World Mission and one Nano Mission.

Natsumi's Nano Mission is called "Natsumi: Clean Fusion Plan, de Arimasu!" and her World Mission is called "Natsumi: Travel a Different Universe, de Arimasu!"


  • In FusionFall, Natsumi's English Voice Actor is Catherine Cavadini, who also voiced Blossom.


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