Naruto Uzamaki
Vital statistics
Age 15
Series Naruto (series)
Location White Acropolis
Voiced by Maile Flanagan

Naruto Uzamaki is a shinobi from the village called Konohagakure ("the village hidden in the leaves").


When Fuse destroyed Konohagakure, Naruto and his friends had escaped the village. Naruto got separated from his friends during the escape. While roaming around, Naruto was attacked by his Fusion counterpart. Afterwards, Naruto found that he could not transform into Sage Mode or anything above anymore. Naruto can now be found in White Acropolis

Nano Mission

Naruto gives the Nano mission "Shinobi Tag." In this mission, the players must search for any survivors of the Konohagakure massacre. The player is able to find several shinobi, including Sakura Haruno, Lady Tsunade, Shizune, and Kakashi Hatake. When the player learns from Kakashi that Konohamaru, a young boy from Konohagakure, had been kidnapped by a Fusion, the player informs Naruto. Naruto tells the player to meet him in the Fusion Lair of Fusion Naruto. Once they arrive, Naruto helps the player fight his Fusion Counterpart. After defeating the Fusion, Naruto and the player find Konohamaru, and take him back to DexLabs. The player then earns the Naruto Nano.

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