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Nano and Monster Types play a big role in FusionFallMonsters and Nanos are divided into three types, each made out of a slightly different type of Fusion Matter - Adaptium (A), Blastons (B) or Cosmix (C).

  • Adaptium - allows Fuse's minions to adapt to their environment.
  • Blastons - sub-atomic particles that contain vast amounts of energy.
  • Cosmix - a mysterious cosmic gas that possesses many unusual properties.


Each Nano falls under one of the three types; each Monster does, too. These different types trump one another very much like the different elements in a game of rock/paper/scissors (Adaptium beats Blastons, Blastons beats Cosmix, and Cosmix beats Adaptium). When players are fighting a monster, it is advised that they pay attention to what type of monster it is, inasmuch as the Nano they have active during combat can either help or hurt them, according to whether or not the Nano's Fusion Matter type beats or is beaten by the monster's type.

By utilizing the right nano in combat, players can reflect a monster's corruption attack and damage it instead.

Players should always try to use a Nano whose type beats the monster type they are fighting. The monster's type is shown on the monster indicator on the top of the screen; the Nano‟s type is shown on the NanoCom in the lower-right of the screen. Players will also see an icon next to the monster that will tell them if the active Nano is the is the best type of Nano for defeating that monster. If there is a green check-mark, the player will get a bonus against that monster; if there is an equal sign, neither the player nor the monster will get a bonus; and if there is a red X (no, not that one),  the monster will get a bonus against the player.

Nanos by type


Blastons Cosmix
NanoNumbuhTwo.png NanoEduardo.png NanoMegasXLR.png NanoButtercup.png NanoWilt.png NanoDeeDee.png NanoEddy.png NanoBlossom.png NanoEdd.png
NanoBilly.png NanoBloo.png NanoDemongo.png NanoNumbuhFive.png NanoHIM.png NanoNumbuhOne.png NanoProfessorUtonium.png NanoBubbles.png NanoFourArms.png
NanoGrim.png NanoDexter.png NanoCoco.png NanoMojoJojo.png NanoMandark.png NanoMandy.png NanoVilgax.png NanoSwampFire.png NanoNumbuhThree.png
NanoJuniperLee.png NanoCourage.png NanoSamuraiJack.png NanoMac.png NanoHex.png NanoEd.png NanoNumbuhFour.png NanoAku.png NanoHumungosaur.png
NanoRexSalazar.png NanoJohnnyBravo.png NanoFlapjack.png NanoFinn.png NanoCheese.png NanoJohnnyTest.png NanoAlienX.png NanoAmpFibian.png NanoSymBionicTitan.png
NanoJake.png NanoRigby.png NanoGumball.png NanoZakSaturday.png NanoIceKing.png NanoRath.png NanoVan Kleiss.png NanoMordecai.png NanoBrak.png
NanoChowder.png NanoPrincessBubblegum.png NanoZack.png NanoDarwin.png NanoBlue.png