Murky Woods
Murky Woods
Area Level
NPCs Ahsoka Tano

Mabel Pines

Mace Windu

Taurus Fire

Murky Woods is an area that appeared when the FusionFall Adventure "Star Wars The Clone Wars - Clone Infusion" was added to the game. It is a dark, thickly forested area, the chief feature of which is a Vortex that prevents any characters (including the player) from leaving until it is shut down. Dexter devises the method for doing this, and the hero carries it out in the "Don't Mess With Vortexes" mission.

Mace Windu, who is trapped here, has meanwhile set up a training camp for Jedi Padawans. The hero can train here alongside Ahsoka Tano to gain the power of Force Sensitivity.

Mabel, who was transported here from Gravity Falls by Li'l Gideon, will use to opportunity of the player's being there to ask him to steal Gideon's diary.

Taurus Fire, an FM-ian being from the series Mega Man: Starforce, is trapped here. Later, in the mission "Rice and Ice", given by Ahsoka, the player destroys the factory built by Albedo and Taurus Fire by setting a bomb inside, thus keeping them from hindering the war effort against Fuse.

Fusion Monsters

Lurking Arachnid Name Lurking Arachnid
Boss Lurking Arachnid Queen
Level 17
Type Adaptium
Lurking Arachnids may not be the fastest or the strongest of the Arachnids, but are probably the most feral and deadly. They come down from the trees at night and lurk around the forest, using their night vision to give them an advantage over even the squirmiest and toughest prey.
Corruption Attack

Area: Murky Woods


  • The name "Murky Woods" may have been inspired by the forest "Mirkwood" in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, which is also inhabited by giant spiders.
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