Mr. Small
Mr small season2 clean
Vital statistics
Real name Steve Small
Age 40's
Species Fluffy Creature
Series The Amazing World of Gumball
Location Elmore
Nano Item Sandal
Voiced by Adam Long

Mr. Steve Small is the school guidance couselor at Elmore Junior High. 


Mr. Small, being a guidance counselor, is often helping students and other people by giving advice. His advice however, usually involves strange methods that don't seem to help as much as he thinks. In fact, it sometimes leaves most of the students seeking his guidance in more confusion than before. Mr. Small can usually be observed displaying a variety of eccentric and unusual behaviors. His general personality is that of the stereotypical hippie.


In FusionFall, Mr. Small can be found in Elmore. He often tries to help many other characters who he "senses" are stressed from the invasion. He feels as though the Fusion monsters may be misunderstood and wants to help them discover their potential as beings as well as their true purpose as individuals instead of as Fuse's minions. The position he has towards Fusions often leads to minor conflicts between him and the other heroes defending the Earth.

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