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Mr. Herriman
Mr. Herriman.png
Vital statistics
Series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Location Foster's Home
Nano Item Tie
Voiced by Tom Kane

Mr. Herriman is an imaginary man-sized rabbit clad in a tuxedo, top hat and monocle who is the house president of Foster's. He was created by the house's founder Madame Foster when she was a child and was originally named Funny Bunny. A stern and uptight rabbit, Herriman is fixated with enforcing the house's rules, and he is often seen scolding the imaginary residents over the most inconsequential infractions.


In FusionFall, he can be found in Foster's Home in The Suburbs. He has no nano, although in Welcome to Endsville (Part 4 of 5) the hero is asked to take Mr. Herriman´s nano item. That means there might be a Mr. Herriman in the expansion. In Control Center Assault (Part 4 of 4) the hero must defeat his fusion counterpart at The Precipice. He gives out the Cheese nano mission. He is nowhere to be found in the future, meaning he might have been taken out along with Foster's and it's residents, leaving only Eduardo (and maybe Coco because her eggs are still found) behind.