Mount Blackhead Map
Mount Blackhead
Area Level 14
NPCs Coco
Numbuh Four
Numbuh Three
Zak Saturday

Agent K9
Magic Tree

The travel hub of the Wilds, this is home to the KND Jungle Outpost. It has a KND S.C.A.M.P.E.R., and a Monkey Skyway Agent. There are other KND operatives stationed here, as well as a shopping district including a Morbucks Savings & Loans. The Magic Tree (from Courage the Cowardly Dog) is the central being of the area. There is a KND Training Area, but it has been turned into an Infected Zone.

As soon as the invasion started, Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4 were assigned to help protect the Wilds from Fuse's minions. Numbuh 4 had wanted to leave and join the battle in Downtown, but after Numbuh 3 was nearly killed in a Fusion Spawn attack raid he realized he was needed there. Ed managed to escape here from May Kanker's pursuit and actually likes it there. He now proclaims himself King of the Jungle. When the invasion began, Coco got scared and fled into the Wilds and Mac went to find her; eventually both of them managed to hide here. Due to Coco's power to use her eggs against Fuse, Fuse has appointed Fusion Mac, Fusion Numbuh 4, and Fusion Toiletnator to try to capture or destroy her at all costs. They periodically attack Coco and the fortress to carry out their plans.

Zak Saturday and Fiskerton can be found here. They don't have missions except for a nano mission, but they were used in the Mother's Day Event. Zak Saturday is the only son of Drew Saturday and Doc Saturday, and two of their pets that are found in the game are Zon and Fiskerton. One of the Magical Toadstools from the "Ice King Invasion" event is found here.

Mount Blackhead is home to one of the biggest player trading markets in the game. Players usually stand in front of the Morbucks Savings & Loans and trade rare or unwanted items to other players. Mt. Blackhead is the most popular safe zone amongst high-level players.


S.C.A.M.P.E.R. Destinations

Peach Creek Commons Icon Peach Creek Commons

City Station Icon City Station

Forsaken Valley Icon Forsaken Valley

Monkey Skyway Agent Destinations

Pimpleback Mountains Icon Pimpleback Mountains

Nowhere Icon Nowhere

Devil's Bluff Icon Devil's Bluff

Camp Kidney Icon Camp Kidney

Really Twisted Forest Icon Really Twisted Forest

Fusion Monsters

Bladed Mantis Name Bladed Mantis
Boss Fulblade Mantis
Level 14
Type Cosmix
If you've ever stepped on a bug, now is the time to start apologizing. This monster insect is armed with natural blades and is ready for revenge!
Corruption Attack


Ghoulish Growth Name Ghoulish Growth
Boss Ghoulish Growth Rotter
Level 14
Type Blastons
The introduction of Fusion Matter into the soil caused these trees to grow to full-size almost instantly. The Ghoulish Growths are in no danger of deforestation; they'll pop back up as soon as you cut them down.
Corruption Attack

Battery Drain

Rabid Arachnid Name Rabid Arachnid
Boss Rabid Arachnid Leader
Level 14
Type Adaptium
The Rabid Arachnid is an outcast, and for good reason . The infection has driven it mad, and it's liable to attack any creature, even members of its own pack.

Battery Drain

Fusion Lairs

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