Drew SaturdayA Nano Mission Motherly Instinct
Level 21
Difficulty Normal
Character Drew Saturday
Place The Ruins - The Wilds
Help Drew rescue captured cryptids.
My Notes
I stopped Fusion Drew, rescued cryptids, and earned a nano.

Mission Offer

Motherly Instinct
Hey, I've picked up a strong detection of cryptid sightings over at Devil's Bluff, and not in their natural habitats. Wanna help me track them down?

Mission Details

Step 1
Defeat the Timber Hulks.

Cryptid scanner 0/1

Motherly Instinct
My cryptid scanner was stolen by some Timber Hulks. Could you get it back for me?

Drew SaturdayA Drew Saturday
This isn't good. The batteries are missing!

Step 2
Defeat the Dagger Mantises.

Batteries 0/3

Motherly Instinct
I think I saw some Dagger Mantises with them.

Drew SaturdayA Drew Saturday
Nice work!

Step 3
Return items to Drew.

Cryptid scanner 1/1
Batteries 3/3

Motherly Instinct
Now bring them back to me.

Drew SaturdayA Drew Saturday
That's weird. The cryptids are all located at the same point.

Step 4
Talk to Zak.

Motherly Instinct
Go check with my son Zak on Mount Blackhead and see what his scanner says.

Zak SaturdayA Zak Saturday
The cryptids on my scanner are on the same point, too.

Step 5
Find the Fusion Lair in Devil's Bluff.

Motherly Instinct
His scanners say the same thing? You'd better go check it out.

Drew SaturdayA Drew Saturday
The coordinates lead to that Fusion Portal.

Step 6
Enter the Fusion Portal.

Motherly Instinct
The cryptids should be located right inside that Fusion Lair.

Drew SaturdayA Drew Saturday
Oh no! Fusion Drew has captured the cryptids and is going to use them to create powerful Fusion monsters.

Step 7
Defeat Fusion Drew Saturday.
Fusion Drew Saturday 0/1

Motherly Instinct
You have to stop Fusion Drew and rescue those poor cryptids!


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