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Monkey Mountain Map.png
Monkey Mountain
Area Level 27
NPCs Thromnambular VIII

Dexbot Q-59 Numbuh 621

Monkey Mountain is the most dangerous place in The Wilds. It is a volcanic mountain with several lava fields. Before the invasion began, Mojo Jojo apparently had control over the mountain and had statues to show his glory. When Fuse began to take over, it angered Mojo and gave him a goal to take it back. He has sent some Monkey Minions to this location to keep him updated on what happens to the Mountain.

Monkey Mountain is the home of many monkeys and the home of some of Mojo's minions. When Mojo needed to test his new plan of creating Super Monkey Minions to battle Fuse, he decided to make the player dump his version of Chemical X into Forgotten Falls which would flow into the mountain and turn the monkey residence into his army. He recruits the help of Mandy, who really plans of sabotaging his plan. With the Hypnosis Charm she and the player obtains, a post-hypnotic suggestion to get rid of Mojo's Chemical X is implanted into the two Monkey Minions in charge of the dumping process.

Numbuh 3 has reported that her Rainbow Monkeys missing and that they have been sighted in the area, the fifth one being with her Fusion counterpart. Coco's eggs have been spotted around the mountain. Thinking they were stolen, the player recovers them, and attempts to give them back to Coco, who in the end doesn't want them so they are given to Numbuh Four. It is later revealed that it was Fusion Coco, affected by Imaginary Energy, who laid the eggs, allowing access to Fusion Mojo Jojo's Secret Lair at the mountain's Summit. Fusion Juniper Lee is also here helping Fuse with his plan of using the powers of alien totems.