Dexter's Lab - Dial M For Monkey - Monkey
Vital statistics
Species Monkey
Series Dexter's Laboratory
Location Wave Island
Voiced by Frank Welker
Monkey appears to be nothing more than an ordinary simian test subject of Dexter's in the "Dial M For Monkey" segments of Dexter's Laboratory, but when danger threatens the world, he is revealed as the superheroic Monkey! As such, he works closely with the Global Security organization to defend mankind.  His best friend and possible romantic partner there is Agent Honeydew, who is able to summon him telepathically when he is needed.

Normally, Monkey appears as a small, brown-furred monkey, but when he is acting a a superhero, he wears a form-fitting black body-suit and mask, with bright yellow footwear, tailwear, gloves, and belt — the last of which, like his mask, sports a large yellow M. For Monkey. Oddly, Dexter, who is a huge admirer of superhero Monkey, cannot recognize him as his own lab monkey. In his normal form, Monkey is close friends with Dee Dee; for instance, he serves as her sidekick in maintaining  her secret identity as "Racer D" in the Volcano Mountain Soapbox Derby.  Monkey's villainous counterpart is Quackor the Fowl, whose secret identity is as Mandark's text subject duck, "Ducky."


Monkey is currently taking a well deserved rest from the war on Wave Island. His partner, Honeydew, is at Fort Forte, and had offered him to be stationed there once he was finished with his rest. He has agreed to her offer, but he is still taking a well deserved vacation.

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