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Mojo Jojo
Vital statistics
Real name Jojo
Species Monkey
Series The Powerpuff Girls
Location Mojo's Volcano
Nano Item White Glove
Voiced by Roger L. Jackson
I, Mojo Jojo, will rule this world!

Mojo Jojo is the main antagonist of the Powerpuff Girls, even though he "accidentally" helped Professor Utonium create them when he was the normal lab monkey called "Jojo." He fears Bubbles greatly, as at one time she defeated him in a horrific rage. He speaks in a tortuous manner, sometimes making no sense and commonly duplicating his words.


Battle With Old Enemies

Before the invasion, during a heated battle with the Powerpuff Girls, Mojo Jojo knocked Buttercup into the sea, thus causing her amnesia and disappearance, about which he harbors a surprising amount of guilt.

Mojo Jojo.jpg

He also seems to have had control of Monkey Mountain before the FusionFall, as several giant statues of Mojo Jojo are found in ruins at Monkey Mountain.

Worlds Collide!

He was the first to see Planet Fusion nearing Earth through his telescope. In response, he and his monkey minions went to investigate and conquer the planet, leaving his volcano base defenseless against the intrusion of Blossom, Bubbles, Ben Tennyson, and Numbuh Two when they came to get a part he stole for Dexter's Electro-Pulse Cannon. Planet Fusion made short work of Mojo's army, and sent them hurtling back towards Earth.

The Future

In the Future, some Monkey Minions in Pokey Oaks South mention they haven't heard from him in weeks, hinting that he is lost, captured, or in hiding at this time.

The Past

As the war with Fuse heated up, Mojo Jojo agreed to join forces with the heroes as they battle the Fusion forces. He serves as one of the four guides for whom players can work, and has even put his minions to work towards finding Buttercup and serving as Monkey Skyway Agents who help players move throughout the world. Secretly, however, Mojo has come up with a plot to combine the power of Fusion Matter, his Monkey Minions, and his own brand of Chemical X, to create an army of super-powered Monkey Minions; furthermore, he has enlisted the help of the Hero to achieve his goal. Little does he know that the Hero is actually spying on him on the behalf of Dexter and Mandark. When a major part of Mojo Jojo's plan, which involved dumping his Chemical X formula into the Forgotten Falls, went into action, Mandy and the Hero sabotaged the dump by hypnotizing two of Mojo's Monkey Minions into ruining their master's plans. When Mojo discovers Mandy had ruined his plans, he sends the Hero to exact his revenge on her, which the hero doesn't. He is said to have a strong rivalry with close-by villains Mandark and Vilgax.