Mighty Eagle
Vital statistics
Real name Michael Evans (film)
Species Northern Bald Eagle
Designation Mission Giver
Series Angry Birds (series)
Location Piggy Island
Nano Item Eagle Feather
Voiced by Peter Dinklage (film)
Armed with an unbelievable knowledge of pig weaknesses, Mighty Eagle is one of the greatest heroes of the war with the pigs. But one harrowing incident sent him into self imposed exile on a mountaintop. On his watch, the pigs were able to steal the eggs, and Mighty Eagle's failure to protect them shamed him so much that he retreated into solitude.

–Angry Birds National Geographic: Fed Up, Feathered, and Furious

The Mighty Eagle is the most powerful bird in the Angry Birds series of games. He first appeared in the original Angry Birds Game, where when he's summoned by flinging sardines, he appears, roaring from the skies to the ground, and destroys all pigs and building blocks.

He is also known to have several rejuvenation spots, usually on cliffs.


Mighty Eagle appears as an enormous white and dark brown round bird with a large beak in a small curl tip and has three large black feathers on top of his head. His eyes are black and has thick brows on each side of his eyes. He also has purple eyebags under both of his eyes and has a large black feathers on his back.

In his appearance in Toons and Epic, Mighty Eagle's feathers are brown and his thick brows are now smaller and his eyebags are magenta. His beak has an orange mark (Just like Hal).


The player can see a silhouette of the Mighty Eagle hiding behind some trees in certain areas in the Wilds, and when exploring Piggy Island.

He officially appears in the 4th of July 2015 Special Event, where he gives a mission to the player to take back the mountain back in Piggy Island from his Fusion counterpart. With fireworks of course. From the mission's completion, he can be found in either the mountain or South Beach, where the remaining Angry Birds are, though it is possible to still see the Mighty Eagle in any areas of the Wilds.

It's possible for the player to summon the Mighty Eagle by buying sardines from certain vendors, and throwing them at Fusion Monsters. When it happens, he flies down to destroy all monsters in the vicinity, making him useful for taking out large groups of enemies at once.


  • Considering that Mighty Eagle has rejuvenation spots all over Piggy Island, it may explain why he can be seen in some parts of it.
  • He could possibly be watching the player in the WIlds just to look for opportunities to ask for his help in driving out his Fusion counterpart from his clifftop home. Then again, some of his rejuvenation spots are in the areas of the Wilds.
  • Also, it is possible for him to be found in other areas in the game, though it may be because he likes travelling a lot.
  • Him destroying Fusion Monsters when the player throws sardines at them is a nod to the original Angry Birds game.
  • He's friends with the Mighty Dragon, and as of the 2018 Halloween Event, with Tsubasa Otori, due to the latter having something to do with eagles.
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